Silver Label SN9319

Item No.: SN9319H3
Substrate:      Paper
Protocol:        ISO18000-6C
Frequency:    US  902-928MHz
                        EU  860-868MHz
IC Type:          ALIEN Higgs 3
Size:                97x23mm(L*W)
Description Parameter Performance

WINSON RFID SNOW™ series of inlays/labels/tags are all made of silver-printed antennas, combined with special paper as a carrier material, with stable and durable performance, and inherently fragile physical properties. This series of products is fully compliant with the RAIN Alliance and EPC global standards. They can be widely used in various industries, and have passed the SGS company's RoHS , RAEACH, halogen related tests.

1.Standard IC for this tag:    Alien Higgs3  /  Impinj Monza R6P
2.Available ICs:   Alien Higgs3  /  Impinj Monza R6P
3.Customized Size this label:   Yes
4.RFID antennas may be a bit different due to different ICs or frequency bands. Label size will keep same.
5.You can also order RFID antennas, dry inlay, Label/Tag in Paper substrate or PET substrate.