PCB Tag MP361325

Item No.: MP361325
Substrate:      FR4
Protocol:        ISO18000-6C
Frequency:    US  902-928MHz
                        EU  860-868MHz
IC Type:          Impinj Monza4QT
Size:                36x13x2.5mm(L*W*T)
Description Parameter

Metal is typically an RF-unfriendly material. Winson RFID offers RFID PCB tags, optimized for metal and global frequency band, tracking metal assets for indoor/outdoor applications.
These PCB tags can be attached with adhesive, screws, magnetic holder etc. With the good performance and low cost, they are very popular on the market.

RF Specifications

 Frequency Band (MHz):                     860-868MHz(EU)  /  902-928MHz(US)
 IC Type:     Impinj Monza4QT
 TID:  64bit
 Read Range(m)  -Fixed reader:   Up to 4.0
 Read Range(m)  -Handheld reader:  Up to 2.0
 Applied Range:  Metal surface    /     wood  etc.

Physical and Environmental Specifications
 Substrate:    PCB  FR4                                 
 Antenna Material:  Copper
 Ingress Protection:  IP68     
 Weight(g):  2.6
 Size(mm):  36×13×2.5
 Chip bump size(mm):  3×3×0.5
 Operating Temperature(ºC):  -20 to +75
 Application Temperature(ºC):  -40 to +100

External Characteristic
 Package:                           Enamel Coating                 
 Backing Adhesive:  Yes