HF-7645-Dry/Wet Inlay

Substrate:      PET
Antenna:        Aluminium Etched
Protocol:        ISO14443 / ISO 15693
Frequency:    13.56MHz
Dry Size:        76x45mm
Wet Size:        85.6x54mm
Description Parameter

RFID inlay comprises the chip and aluminum, copper or silver antenna bonded to a PET layer or Paper layer. It has two types: Dry inlay (without adhesive) and Wet inlay (with adhesive).
Winson RFID can provide various HF, UHF or NFC inlays in PET or in Paper in different sizes or formats. As a manufacturer with R&D, we can custom RFID inlays according to customers' requirements.
                                         RF Specifications
Frequency (MHz):           13.56MHz
IC Type: Mifare Classic 1K , Ultralight , etc. ICODE SLIX, ICODE SLIX2, etc
Protocols Standards: ISO14443A ISO15693
User Memory: Depend on IC
                         Physical and Environmental Specifications
Substrate: PET 
Antenna Material:  Aluminium Etched
Dry Inlay Size(mm):  76×45 [Antenna]
Wet Inlay Size(mm):  85.6×54
Storage: [-10°C to +75°C]      10% to 60% RH
Operating: [ +0°C to +30°C]      10% to 25% RH
Shelf Life: 2 years at [+25°C] @40%RH
                                 External Characteristic
Delivery Form:   In Roll
Inlays per Roll: 5000 Nominal
RFID antennas may be a bit different due to different ICs or frequency bands. Label size will keep same.
For more product sizes and models, please contact us for information.